Clode Signs was established in 2003 by Raymond Ibrahim, who started work in this field when he was 14 years old as a family business back in his homeland.

They were well known in their country and surrounding due to their talented work and hobby in graphic arts , signs and calligraphic writing

He started his talented career in Australia 1999 working as a sign maker for well-known company, to become later the owner of his own company and one of the few successful talented tradesmen in this field.

After several years, Clode signs has become one of the main signage contractors for a well-known petroleum companies in Australia and a main player in the signage market.

Clode Signs is specialised in service station needs, such as manufacturing price boards, Pylon signs, Pan head, canopy installations, dressing pumps, 2D & 3D letters, all sorts of digital printing for shops and much more…

What We Do

Clode Signs has its own team to manufactures all products in houseThe team work is the following :- Graphic Designer – using Corel draw, CS5, Adobe….
- Welder
- Production Team
- Assembling team
- Electrician & Electronic specialist.
- Installation team
- Maintenance team.
- Office administratorClode Signs considers its staff as a one team player who cares about the business and very keen to meet customers satisfactions and to do their best to keep the high standards of company performances and reputation in the market.And workshop is fully equipped with tools, machines to manufacture for all kind of and other works.

Led Signs

Clode signs updates the materials and products suitable for manufacturing depending on market needs.

LED Display signage(1colour)

Clode Signs is proud to Announce the availability of LED panels with different pitches and Colours, Red & green and sizes. It is replacing the old fashion way of displaying the messages on panels.

Clode signs has the right team to do the installation, and to handle the maintenance of it. Easily controlled by wireless device connected to a laptop or via blue tooth to change the Display, font and the message size as needed And also it is available in full colour screen, used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It comes with different sizes and pitches.

Clode signs is very keen to choose the best quality of products to be used in all forms of productions. For this reason, Clode Signs has a very selective and well knows main suppliers who meets their needs :

1-Graphic artmart